Installing Garuda on VM cloud

I registered on Oracle Cloud computing. Then I created new istance with Canonical Ubuntu. The question is: It is possibile to install Garuda Linux GUI on the VM with PuTTY?

Why do you want to use Garuda on the cloud? Also I doubt if the VM can provide a GUI.

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I have installed Ubuntu mate GUI on PuTTY with a guide found on internet, but a lot of applications don't run. With Garuda Linux they run on PC. I will use VM like another PC that can access also with Android phone with Remote Desktop.

This is the guide for the GUI:

I know nothing of clouds, but I think I'd start from here: Importing Custom Linux Images
(assuming it applies, I'm not sure)


Thanks. On the VM I have installed Ubuntu gnome GUI, with the help of a youtube video, applications works better on gnome. Still have problems with wine that crash.

This is video guide if can help:

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