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Hiya, i am very new to garuda and still fairly new to linux. I have decided to play around with different linux variants over the past 12 months but this is my latest. I am trying to install google and some other apps but they just appear as .deb files in my downloads. how do i go about actually downloading them. I tried the sudo apt install thing in terminal but clearly that is not the way to go about it. I am not very technical just trying to have a play around. if anyone could help that would be amazing. thank you :slight_smile:

Do not download software from websites or try to install .deb on Garuda. Garuda Linux is based on arch and not debian. Software is in repositories.
The package manager for arch based distributions is pacman and the correct command to install is

sudo pacman -S <package name>

Optionally you can use a graphical package manager like octopi.

Learn more about arch and pacman @:


This is Arch Linux-based. Nothing at all like Debian and it doesn’t use .deb files.

Read the wiki, Google, anything. Learn your OS.


Only use the GUI’s to see what updates you have. Either use the terminal or install Pacseek and look for and install your apps from it. It’s a TUI program that runs in the terminal.

My rule of thumb is to install pacseek and topgrade. Do your updates from terminal using gruda-update followed by topgrade to update everything else and as mentioned pacseek to install 3rd party apps.

As a Linux newbie, you’re overwhelming the OP right from the start^^
System update via garuda-update is of course correct.
The rest is a matter of faith and ‘octopi’ was just an example.
And you don’t need a GUI/TUI for an update preview, a simple one is enough


Let the OP find his own rule of thumb :wink:

@xmilliemx Welcome to the Garuda forum :slight_smile:

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Calm down, please.