Installing Dr460nized

Hey I'm new to Linux (only used Ubuntu before) and installed Garuda KDE Plasma. I installed it because i needed the ultimate version so i can play games. Now i want to ask, how can i switch my Desktop Environment to Dr460nized?

Hey there :wave:
Given you are new to Linux I would advise to just backup any data you might need, download the dr460nized iso (has been refreshed yesterday) and install that if you want the entire package with fish shell.
If you dont mind doing some manual work with packages & settings it could however also be done without.


Also just to make clear, "Dr460nized" refers to the edition of Garuda created and maintained by dr460nf1r3 - it's not a separate distribution, desktop environment, piece of software, etc. etc. but a set of default software and configuration settings to meet dr460nf1r3's specific preferences.


Packages to install:
fish (if you want the fish shell for the terminal, i find zsh and fish quite similar so you might skip garuda fish config and fish shell)
Packages to remove:
this should apply all the theming in dr460nized.


If you do end up installing the Dragonized ISO, one of the utilities in it can install any of the games, etc. from the Ultimate spin. Same with the other spins, Lite or Barebones.