Installing apps

hi guys, I’d like to ask you what is the difference between these 2 and which one should I pick

╭─honza@honza in ~ as 🧙 took 1m11s
╰─λ yay vivaldi
15 aur/vivaldi-multiarch-bin 6.2.3105.47-1 [+0 ~0.00]
An advanced browser made with the power user in mind. Includes all supported architectures.
14 aur/vivaldi-autoinject-custom-js-ui 2023.09.05.1-2 [+2 ~0.00] [Installed]
manage custom js UI mods for the vivaldi web browser

I understand that one should have support for everything and the other one let’s you customize your profiles or something. Which one is better/should I combine them somehow?

The first (15) is the browser, the one you need.
The second (14) is only used “to add custom javascript modifications to the vivaldi web browser”, so normally you don’t need it…


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