Installer Unable to write partition on the disk

installer is unable to write partion to disk.
And after closing the error the disk won't even show in kde partition manager.

use parted (gparted) partition manager.

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Not able to install gparted

You will have to try some other approaches to partitioning (e.g. gparted, cfdisk, ...) to find out what's going wrong in your specific case.

You could also verify the image checksum, and try a different Linux distro's installer/partitioner.

This sentence is not useful by itself as it doesn't provide any real information.


As already stated preparing your partition structure in advance is often the best method if using an advanced Partition scheme.

Gparted is usually the best tool for this. Many boot disks come with Gparted. I can't read pictures very well on my cell phone, so I'm unsure what you're trying to accomplish.

Are you attempting to dual boot?

If a disk is refusing to partition properly, sometimes it is best to nuke the old partition structures and their backups with the dd command. You should only do this if you want to wipe the entire drives contents. Be sure to disconnect all other drives prior to doing this as the dd command it totally destructive and it is very unforgiving if used incorrectly.

Once the drive has been wiped completely, it should have no issues taking a format properly.

I would highly recommend using the entire disk for Garuda and letting the Calamares installer do its thing for you automatically, (for the least issues) . Advanced partitioning is for advanced users, so you may be best to use the full disk and let Calamares do things for you. Calamares works well with a simple partition scheme, but it has issues once things start getting complicated.

Simple partition scheme; let Calamares do everything for you.

Complex partition scheme; set everything up manually in advance yourself.

Just my opinion.


Thanks it worked

Not very helpful.