Installer not detecting my external SSD


I would like to install Garuda (garuda-dr460nized-linux-zen-220614) on my ASUS ZenBook 13" and for it to run on an external SSD USB disk (Emtec X210) (I don't want dual boot on the same internal SSD where Windows is running).

The Garuda ISO boots from the SSD without any problem. I thought that the partitioner would not display the disk because I booted from it, so I booted the ISO from a regular flash drive, with the SSD disk also plugged in, but this didn't change anything.

Are some drivers missing? What could be the cause?

Can you access and open that disk from Dolphin in the installer?
Also, please provide the output of

sudo parted -l

It could be e.g. that you'll have to repartition that disk in GPT to install in UEFI mode.


There's a drop-down box in the Calamares installer which allows you to select which drive to install Garuda on. Have you tried that yet, or am I misreading your question?