Installer Issues - Won’t partition

I’m relatively new to linux and decided to install Garuda as my first distro. Before installing, i created a partition and allocated 100 GB of memory however when using the replace a partition option to install garuda i get the error

The Installer failed to delete partition /dev/sda

Delete partition ‘/dev/sda’ (97.66 GiB, unknown)

Job: Delete file system on ‘dev/sda7’

could not delete file system on /dev/sda7

. I also get a similar error failed to create partition when I try to shrink a partition. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong as when I use GParted to create a partition it works with no error

If you are manually partitioning then there is no need to use the automatic options within the installer - set up your partitions the way you want, then use those partitions rather than replacing them.


Sorry for the late response, I tried manually partitioning but that didn't work either, it wouldn't let me create partitions as the create button was grayed out, the automatic options within the installer also don't work, this is the error I get when trying to replace a partition

just realized I didn't reply to your post so replying to it now to ping you

edit: I was looking online and saw that this issue is common for alot of laptop/desktop configurations and a common solution is to create the partition in GPart then use that partition in the installer however I can't even use GPart anymore as I get this error when launching it