Installer gets hung up on 91% on Macbook pro with T2 chip

Hey guys,

I use garuda Linux KDE Dragonized black arch.

I run a 2018 macbook pro 15 inch i7 8k with amd rx 570.

Every time my installer hits 91% it hangs.

It says installing bootloader, at 91% how should I proceed?

I am a newbie. Can yall tel me step by step what exactly to do?

Hi Adiboy,
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Installing bootloader can take a while, in my case sometimes over 5 minutes. How long did you wait?

About 45 ish mins I think

Well, then you have a problem with the installer ISO or your hard disk or your UEFI+ GPT setup.

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Hi there,

Straightforward answer: Garuda Linux can not run on your MacBook model.

Not only Garuda Linux, but most of Linux can not be installed on Macbook with T2 chips. There are some specificly designed Linux operating systems that can be installed on T2 chips.

Actually, the reason behind hanging on 91% is that at that point, installation of bootloader occurs. As T2 chips prevent installation of bootloader except Apple ones, it is struck and cannot be carried on further.

For further information, search on search engines.

Sorry for inconvenience.


Just another example of why it is not a good idea to purchase Apple hardware if you like to run Linux.

This issue is only going to get worse on future Apple hardware as the direction they are intending to go will make it extremely difficult to ever use their products with another OS.

Just stear clear of Apple hardware if you want to run Linux without issues.


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