Installation of Garuda on partition on SSD


I have a partitioned SSD with 675GB allocated for personal files, and another partition of 256GB that is currently blank. I want to install Garuda Linux on this blank partition without deleting the other one. Which option should I choose in the partition installer? I only intend to create a volume on the blank partition.

If anyone can make me a tiny tutorial to choose the right way.

For the moment i do that :
Name file system label mount point size
-/dev/sda1 unknown nolabel no mount point 15,98mib
-/dev/sda2 NTFS Personal Files no mount point 675,50mib
-new partition Fat32 no label /boot/efi 500,75mib
-new partition btrfs no label / 255,51gib
Just for clarification, I’m using an external SSD.

Update : It’s work perfect, for people want do that I work perfectly

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