Installation issue with live session

Please try this build, its using the LTS kernel. Its XFCE but we just want to find out if it works with that kernel:

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Xfce Installation is ongoing without any issues for now

Installation done and device booted successfully.

But I didn't get what the issue is? Is it kernel problem or something else

@petsam @dr460nf1r3 PXL-20210224-074429293 — ImgBB

FYI, when you have a personal support issue you are expected to wait politely for assistance. Directly "pinging" distro staff is considered rude and presumptuous behavior. We have too many users on the forum these days to have users constantly pinging forum staffs using the forum's "@username" notification feature. Please only ping distro staff regarding urgent matters involving the distro in the future.

Your original issue of a serious nature was already resolved. A warning about Redshift contained in your last pic is hardly an urgent matter worth pinging forum staff over. Also, different support issues are supposed to be dealt with on separate threads not lumped together as in an ongoing personal blog. Please refrain from pinging forum staff frivolously in the future.


I guess its most likely the kernel then. As that is the major difference between what you tried earlier & XFCE. This happened to some people in the past already so its not uncommon. New releases are dropping soon which default to linux-zen so that might solve the issue. Alternatively, there are the barebones editions which also use Linux-LTS.
Apart from that,