Installation failed due to EFI partition not found

Error :

Boost Python error in job bootloader

Grub-install : error: /boot/efi doesn't look like an EFI partition

I have data on sda4. How to change file system to fat32 and mount point to /mnt/boot/efi for sda1 without formatting whole data on disk?

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Are you sure your system is UEFI and you have booted installer in UEFI?


As petsam mentioned, make sure you booted into UEFI. My own UEFI partition is fat32 with 2 flags, boot and esp. Every single distro I've tried ( over 20 ) works fine. I also have secure boot disabled.

I had this problem or a very similar one initially when trying to install Garuda.

I worked out that while KDE Partition Manager was flagging 'boot', there was no option that I could see to flag 'esp' in the FAT32 /boot/efi partition. So I used GParted to flag both, and the next attempt at installation went perfectly.

I never use anything other than GParted. :grinning: It's extremely reliable.

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Me love KDE long time.

However, I'd also always rather use gparted myself for stability reasons. KPM isn't quite there yet IMO, especially if doing complex partition resize operations. I like KPM, but I'm always leery of using it for advanced operations as it has failed in the past for me.

Gparted is a little more solid IMO.