Installation failed boost. Python error in job bootloader

I am installing garuda linux, but there is error like this ( installation failed boost.python error in job bootloader ), please help me with this, I tried google searching but that was soo
difficult to understand the steps and all

Can you post the output of

calamares -d

in 3 tilde(~) signs on each end?

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issue has been resolved , I installed by manual partition,

like this,

  1. Size 30720 MB , File system : btrfs, mount point : / Flags: root

  2. Size 16300 MB , File system : linuxswap, point : Flags: swap

  3. Size 501 MB , File system : fat32, mount point : boot/efi, Flags: boot

  4. Size 54880 MB , File system : btrfs, mount point : /home,

then OS installation issue got resolved

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