Installation Difficulty Garuda Cinnamon

I don't need any help. Just making a quick report.

Today I downloaded the garuda cinnamon iso from sourceforge and burned it to a USB stick using the MX image burner. Garuda installed, but refused to update, complaining that several databases were missing. I tried sudo pacman -Syu and got the same result. In fact, pacman wouldn't work at all. Hmmm...

I downloaded the image again from OSDN and re-burned it to the same USB stick. This time the install failed at 94% complaining that certain key files could not be created. Hmmm...

I tried a third time using the same USB stick & OSDN image and got a normal install. It updated fine from terminal. I'm using it now.

I've never had any issues installing any distro on this computer (including previous installs of garuda cinnamon and garuda xfce). It's an i3-9100 on a budget-grade ASRock mobo. Intel M.2 drive. It's about as generic as a homebuilt PC can be.

I wonder what's going on? Should I use a different image burner? Different USB stick (mine is a super-cheap USB 2.0 PNY 32GB)?

Did you verify the downloaded ISO (via sha) to be sure the download wasn't corrupted?


Delete the Brazilia part from /etc/pacman.d/chaotic-mirrorlist
Refresh mirrorlist with reflector.

## By: GarudaLinux and Fosshost
Server =$repo/$arch
## By: LordKitsuna
Server =$arch

# Netherlands
## By: Var Bhat and LiteServer
Server =$arch

# Borgos, Spain
## By: JKANetwork
Server =$repo/$arch

# Germany
## By: ParanoidBangL
Server =$repo/$arch

# Seoul, Korea
## By: Ryoichi <>
Server =$repo/$arch

And try again.


Usually dd is more reliable than others. You are not the first one to report difficulties with installation using graphical burners. But there's still no man that reported issues after specifically using dd.


Then 'sudo pacman -Syyu' will refresh the repository databases.


Yeah, -Syyu will refresh databases but if you ever wish to change mirrors, you can do it with reflector simple.