Installation/btrfs -Exclude /home from Snapshots


I hope I selected the correct category - I am not a newbie but new to btrfs.

I haven't installed yet but I am planning. I have a hand full of SSDs from various systems and I think I settled on a single 2TB SSD. (I do have 2 1TB drives and a 512GB SSD). Anyways, I am assuming the installer will setup btrfs and the appropriate subvolumes. My question is can I exclude /home from snapshots? I generate too much simulation data and don't want to waste snapshot space. I can always rsync my data to a NAS.

I do what to be able to back out of system updates that go wrong.

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That's the best thing you can do, obviously :grin:

More expert peeps along in a little while. :blush: You can do as you wish, I believe, in timeshift settings.


The installer does set up btrfs with a variety of subvolumes for temp/logs/cache, etc including one for home. By default timeshift excludes @home from snapshots.

Wow. Perfect. I know what I am doing today!!


Thanks. I am off and running.

It is not a good idea to include home in your snapshots by default as timeshift does not recommend that. However, depending how you configure your system in some cases it can make sense. If you do not use home for your user storage, but instead symlink all your storage locations to your home then it is very workable.

In your case this is obviously not what you want, and that is timeshift's default setting (so no worries).


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