Install wayfire while keeping kde

Is there any way to install wayfire as a secondary desktop environment while keeping my current: kde? Manjaro and many other distros allow for installation of other desktop environment aside from the default installed. I was wondering if and how I could do that in Garuda and install wayfire on it.

From what I read here on the forums, it is unsupported here since usually installing multiple desktop environments on to a single OS installation tend to break things.
Since our package lists differ quite vastly per desktop environment flavors, its probably best to just do separate installations regardless in order to actually provide support in case something goes wrong in one desktop environment. At least that is the reason I see.


I am not sure if I have understood the question correctly.
Side by side is possible, but I would advise against mixing.

You can install several DE's side by side on one hard disk, I have done this with up to 5 Garuda DE'S.
Or M$, next to Garuda i3wm and KDE.
Since problems can occur from time to time, it is not supported by the Garuda team.
So you may be on your own.
If you know how to make backups and like to experiment and don't need this system for other existential things, go ahead. :slight_smile:


I can create a separate user for using wayfire to reduce the intermixing and have taken backups and keep a separate home partition for extra safety. Can you give me the steps to install wayfire alongside kde?

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