Install to USB Issues

Hi, I'm trying to install the XFCE version onto a USB. I keep getting the following error in the last stages, I'm also showing the partitions I manually setup since it initially set up a single partition. I'm using uefi.

I'm sure I'm just missing something, I don't have much experience installing to bootable USBs.



Fat32 must be 260 MB but why you do no not let calamares work for you?

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I did let it do the work the first time but it created a single btrfs partition. When I tried to boot off of it it didn't work.

I'll try with a 260 MB partition next.

We do not support installing on usb

If you want to install Arch on USB / Removable medium

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Oops, sda is a boot stick, I missread I thought it was about creating a boot stick on USB.


This is nothing to do with it being a USB disk.

The error message is telling you that you can't combine a GPT partition layout with BIOS boot mode without an additional partition for BIOS boot support.

The better options are:

  1. Boot in UEFI mode if you want to use GPT.
  2. Use an MBR partition table if you want to boot in BIOS/legacy mode.