Install Skype

I installed skypeforlinux from AUR. But in the previous process of mistakenly following instructions on Skype’s page I executed the following:-

git clone
cd snapd
makepkg -si

Should I undo that, and if so how?

  1. Always follow the template. It’s there for a reason and we can’t have exceptions to it.

  2. It seems you have installed snapd from aur. Remove it using pacman,

sudo pacman -Rns snapd

On a side note I am genuinely surprised people are still using Skype. I remember it used to be something M$ would force on your system and I personally never really understood how this software was useful back in the time…


Snapd is only needed if, for instance you wish to subsequently install the Skype snap package. Snapd is a Ubuntu creation but not used much in Arch. Flatpak, on the other hand, will also have (or should) a Skype flatpak.

First you would have to install flatpak, reboot, then goto the Flatpak store & d/l, install the Skype flatpak.

Thanks for the speedy response. I bought my first computer in 1983, long before the Internet and when Skype came along it was very handy. It still works and I favour the saying “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”. I am frequently surprised when I see people using wooden pencils to write on paper.

Thank you for the clear explanation. I’ve been using mostly .rpm software since 2004. But I do use apt on Debian based distros. At the age of 80 “new and improved” is not always easier than “old and lousy”.

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Maybe it’s time for you to check out something open-source like Jitsi Meet, if you use Skype just for video-calling.
I you want chatting capabilities as well, you should check out Signal or Element or Jami (might be most similar to Skype)…

Making a change might be difficult, but it might be fun as well be worth it…

It is your call in the end.
Just some suggestions :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have tried Jitsi, Zoom and Jami. But getting friends to use them is another matter. Much like my attempts to introduce Linux to friends since my initiation in 1998. Success = Zero. Trust me, Microsoft is number two on my hate list after Google. I refuse to use Android, Chrome, Windows or MacOS.


Same @ 72, my friend. :slight_smile: Or 172-or-whatever @mandog is–Dirt thinks he’s old.

I would propose we form an Old Farts Club, but I’m not sure I could remember the meeting dates.

I do know I’ve been running Linux for more than a minute. Ask me, and you’ll always get the straight dope. I shoot from the hip & take no prisoners. If the fog ain’t too thick.

And, factually I’m from Dodge City & sat a horse before I could walk.

You would go a long way here by prefacing any help request with the terminal output of ‘garuda-inxi’ as the template requires, even if you do not think it applies.

And @SGS would love ya forever. :wink:


Cheeky bugger youl always be just a boy to me at 72 you are just a puppy :yawning_face:


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