Install process hangs

I’ve been trying to install Garuda Dragonized Gaming on my pc ( want to dual boot with Windows 11), but the installer keeps freezing soon after I boot from the USB. I boot with open source drivers since I have an AMD video card.

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Is not supported by Garuda Linux.

Try Garuda Linux KDE and use after install the garuda-gamer app.


You might have secure boot and/or fast boot on.
Check some tips and tricks from the Garuda download page:

If you search the forum, there are guides on dual booting, though, as SGS mentioned, it is not officially supported (but possible).

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@sgs: Good to know, but it won’t get far enough to install before it gets stuck in a boot loop.

i have AMD too and it run smooth. Post your terminal (garuda inxi ) may i can help you! ive run not only Garuda on my AMD System =)

Tried clearing the secure boot keys, but it still hangs.

Secure Boot disabled?
Fast Boot disabled?
AHCI enabled?

Manufacturer and model of the computer?

You mean the Grub menu?

If this is a desktop PC, have you installed expansion cards - for example a sound card from Creative? If so, then remove all expansion cards and disconnect everything from USB ports except the mouse and keyboard.
Then try again.

Edit: Which application was used to create the USB stick, rufus, balena or ventoy?


Secure/ fast boot disabled.

AHCI enabled.

Custom built PC.

Doesnt get to the GRUB menu. EDIT: nvm. It gets to the first menu where i can select what drivers i can load with. I go with open source since i have an AMD card. Sapphire TRIXX Radeon RX 6950XT if that matters.

Sound Blaster AE-9 and wireless adapter for HTC Vive.


If it is anything like the issues with the AE-7, I would try removing this sound card and try again. There isn’t kernel support for that card, and the AE-7 even has issues and has to be removed where it had partial support before Unable to install Garuda KDE Dr460nized - #18 by Kayo


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