Install Photogimp

Hi, I’m sorry to write asking for help from third-party software, but I hope someone has an answer for me.

Well, I think you all know Gimp, but there’s an add-on to transform the interface into Photoshop, the thing is I’ve tried everything I’ve read out there, but I can’t transform the look of the program.
Some of you already have it installed with this theme.
Thank you very much, and greetings.

I hate PS since version 2.5 :wink:
Please ask there, it is not in Arch or AUR, so it is your own risk to use it.




Yeah, I took a quick peek at the github page for PhotoGIMP, it looks to me like the best way would be to install the Flatpak or Snap version of GIMP.


I tried both, but neither applied the Photoshop theme, so I was asking.

@iero79 PhotoGimp is designed to work ONLY with the Flatpak install of GIMP only.


First we will be working in the terminal, so open a terminal.

  1. Install Flatpak support. sudo pacman -S flatpak

  2. Add the Flathub respository. flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub

NOTE: Once Flatpak is installed, one does not need to use sudo.

  1. Install Gimp. flatpak install org.gimp.GIMP

  2. Run the flatpak install of GIMP to make sure it opens properly. Once it is open, close it.

  3. Download PhotoGIMP from GitHub. git clone

  4. Close the terminal, and open your file manager. I use KDE so it is Dolphin.

  5. Go to the upper-right corner and click on the "3 bar icon". That will bring up the settings menu.


  1. Select the "Show Hidden Files" option.

  2. You should now see a series of folders and files whose name starts with a "dot". Example .bashrc

  3. Open the PhotoGIMP folder.

  4. In that folder you will see three folders named .icons .local .var

  5. Select those three folders and copy them to your Home folder.

  6. If asked to overwrite a file, select Yes

  7. Once the files are finished copying, GIMP should now run using the PhotoGimp customizations.

Some things to consider. If you have GIMP installed from the Garuda repositories and then you install the flatpak version, you will have two versions of the same program listed in your start menu. I suggest uninstalling the version from the repo first before installing the flatpak version. Less confusion this way.

I hope this helps.


there is no need to clone the entire working repo, there is a smaller zip file in the Releases.

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