Install hangs at 43% Gnome lite

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I am trying to install Gnome lite in a VM. Multiple tries, multiple iso downloads. The installation always stops/freezes at 43%. Please help.

What specs did you allocate to the VM?

Pfa the details

Try increasing the ram 2g is too low

My old laptop has 4gb ram. 2 is good enough for vm. Even heavyweights like win10 and zorin os runs quite well in such a config. Why consistently hang at only 43 percent? Quite intriguing.

This might be crazy as it has happen to me on a install sometime back. I changed the VBoxSVGA back to VBoxVGA and 128 MB Video Memory and the install went threw. Iā€™m not sure why it happen but it worked for me and now I use it on all my installs. Once installed I change the settings back to VBoxSVGA and Video Memory to 256 MB.

Edit: Make sure you have the latest updated VirtualBox 6.1.14-1 and other packages.