Install Garuda with no DE or WM

Is there a way to install garuda minimally with no DE or WM? I just want a tty to procceed from there.

One somewhat minimal is to go hyprland way !

And then i suppose i could clean all hyprland components. I guess i might look into how to remove all of hyprland.

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile:

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If you really must do this why not just install it normally and edit the boot to drop you to a tty on boot?

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Because the purpose is to end up with a clean install in order to run some specific scripts. Kinda what Endeavour OS has as an option during install.

I could do it the arch way but i would also miss all of the garuda goodies

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If you aren’t knowledgeable enough, you should probably not.


  1. Pick the Garuda DE or WM version you like best.
  2. Download & write the ISO to USB.
  3. Boot the LiveISO and install.
  4. Allow the post-install scripts to run.
  5. Pick all the handy-dandy features & apps you want, click the go button and reboot when done.

To me It seems you are looking for vanilla arch. You can add garuda repos to it and use garuda tools there as well.


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