Install Garuda in Secure boot mode

Hello Garuda users.

I am a new user of the bare metal Linux system and I want to install garuda as my primary OS so for that my stupid gaming laptop bios has no legacy boot potion and has only a secure boot for that to work I need a properly signed image of garuda how can I install Linux with this issue?

Disable secure boot. Under no circumstances should you ever use legacy boot.

the issue is if i disable secure boot and put my USB as the primary boot option i don't know why after 5 min it automatically boots back into windows

This is right, no matter what you must disable secure boot to install Garuda Linux. There is no other way.

Legacy boot is something unrelated; it has to do with booting UEFI systems in the old BIOS-method, without an EFI partition.

You can enable secure boot after the installation if you wish and set up a shim that will honor the Microsoft boot keys, but it is not trivial to set up. I would consider it an advanced configuration. Have a look and decide for yourself if it is worth the bother: Unified Extensible Firmware Interface/Secure Boot - ArchWiki

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Some BIOS require you to set an administrator password before you can disable secure boot.

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