Install and remove software is not showing applications

In install and remove software, applications are not been shown like VLC media player, fire fox, etc and showing no packages.

It seems to be quite a common issue lately.
If you already updated your mirrorlist recently and this is not solving the problem, try this one.

From terminal
sudo pacman -S archlinux-appstream-data-pamac
The system should offer you to replace. Confirm with y.


Thanks bro it work

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How to make default app layout like mac that I have when I downloaded garuda linux first time in pc. I mistakenly right click on upper title bar and selected quit so all layout got removed.

If you haven't done any specific customizations, I think you could simply open the Garuda Assistant and click button Apply New Config / Restore Defaults.
If it doesn't work, please open a new topic, for better usability of the forum in the future.


Glad I see it worked.
Sorry, I had read too quickly your post, I see now that you only quit latte, so simply a logoff+logon would have fixed it.
Never mind, that Restore button is often a good solution at the beginning when doing your first customizations... :slight_smile:


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