Inquiry into the actual Garuda Linux ISO file... having EFI img and directory

Hi just a quick question to anyone who might be willing to answer…

I recently re-installed Garuda Gaming edition and I haven’t used Garuda in quite some time. I noticed my PC was seemingly having a hard time booting the OS though and it took what seemed like forever to get past this step I hadn’t noticed before which was "verifying desktops… (then)
“verifying rootfs…”
So I decided to take a closer look at the ISO. Now from what I remember of Garuda in the past, it didn’t support EFI installation/boot. However I noticed that now, in the ISO file there are the following contents…
boot (directory)
efi (directory)
garuda (directory)
[BOOT] (directory)
.miso (empty file, 0 bites in size)
boot.catalog (file)
efi.img (img file)

Can anyone verify if this is the correct contents of whatever should be in the garuda-drag0nized-gaming-linux-zen-240428.iso file?
Thanks so much for your time and any advice I get other than the “don’t use Garuda Linux” nonsense lol. There’s a troll in every forum.

UEFI mode has always been supported. The majority of installations are done in UEFI mode. Legacy/BIOS installation is supported too, but it is less commonly used.

Probably the most common reason for someone to install in legacy/BIOS mode (other than installing on a fifteen-year-old computer that doesn’t support UEFI) would be they have installed Windows in legacy/BIOS mode and want to keep both OS’s on the same boot routine.

The Calamares installer will assume you want to install in whatever mode you have booted the live environment in. If you did not have an option to install in UEFI mode the last time you installed Garuda, then most likely you prepared your boot media as legacy/BIOS.

Yes, that looks normal.

lol, I don’t know what that means. You’re welcome?

It’s the internet, so yes. There are trolls everywhere you turn. Keep your wits about you. :wink:


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