Including CJK fonts ie chinese japanese korean by default in iso

This is where the new downloader comes in. :wink:


What's that?

How many cjk users here on the forum have complained?
Do we even have any on the forum?
Is there a cjk Garuda forum that we do not know?




Oh yeah :partying_face::fire:


A few, for example:


That doesnt help.

As a Garuda flea riding a Garuda Eagle, I go where it goes :grin: I just thought of the future success of the Eagle :wink:

Not yet, but it will. Shortly.™

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But what does it do.

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That is an argument.


:question: :question:

Your question gives me questions that are not necessary.


I think it's an app store like pamac
or a way to downlowd new garuda isos
Edit Ifiguredit out w/ this file garudadownloader.ui · master · Garuda Linux / Applications / garuda-downloader · GitLab

I would definitely keep it on any black version you come out with as there's a ton of work done with Asian languages, just my 2¢

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There is only one "black" version (blackarch not black).

It's a nice feature to have the 309 MiB included, but where is the ratio?
If there are 39,500 User with the ISO must download or if there are 500 user after install can do.

For trafic second solution is best but I have no real values for the DL in OSDN, SFnet, torrent and so on.

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There are certainly good arguments against CJK fonts in the ISO and the language packs would be installed quickly. On the other hand, it affects not only China, Japan and Korea, but also Taiwanese, large parts of the population in Singapore and of course Chinese in exile. And there are quite a few.
Garuda is very young and trendy, it just wouldn't fit into this scheme to simply exclude languages spoken by billions of people.


The initial iso size is of concern for those with slow connections. However it is not just the ISO, if this becomes a dependency like the large tela-circle icon package which adds a lot of extra time to download and install when it is updated on a slow connection.

Then we'll again hear nothing, but how bloated Garuda is. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.


The best justification for deleting the language packs would be the slimness argument, which is the philosophy of Arch Linux.
A lean operating system (which can be inflated to the point of bursting after installation) also includes a lean image.
If you pointed out on the Garuda start page that the CJK packages can be installed directly in the welcome window, this would be an acceptable solution for everyone, so my thought.


In this context I came across the following problem:

The Garuda homepage can be translated into a surprising number of languages. I was looking forward to choosing the Sundanese language. The result was 'Bahasa campuran', a mixture, mainly the standard language, (in my case German) English and a little bit of Sundanese. And that happens to almost every language I tried. Even in Hindi, Bengali or Punjabi, sentences are in the default language. As far as I can tell, the page is only fully translated into English.

Garuda Linux is still very young and is about to make great progress. The homepage alone is a feast for the eyes. The employees should only work on the translation program. :laughing:

Till now I didn't know that CJK stands for Chinese, Japanese and Korean! While upgrading to ultimate, the setup-assistant only asked "for missing fonts". I just installed not to miss any font, without knowing what is it for.