Include FreeCAD .19 or latest in the future. Why I chose Garuda and my experience

I would like to request that you include the latest version of FreeCAD with Garuda in the future please. There are huge upgrades between .18 and .19. The function I couldn't perform was resolved by upgrading:

I enthusiastically say that Garuda was my 3rd choice. After purchasing a Radeon RX 6800XT, I was looking to try PopOS (kernel 5.8 at the time), but I needed kernel 5.10 for my newer card... Then I tried Manjaro, but it was only on kernel 5.9. Then, I heard about Garuda. I tried installing it, and my monitors and card worked out of the box. I was amazed at the visuals in the desktop environment, simplicity of use and automation, and decided I would stick with Garuda. Every time I use it, I'm blown away by the features.

Freecad is an archlinux package
Its flagged out of date currently

So it might get updated soon


I'm still pretty new to Linux in general. Is this link of any use? I was able to use it to get FreeCAD version .19.

When it comes to most Linux distros, with Arch and Arch-derivatives like Garuda, you get some of the freshest software from the repos. On Debian, for example, you're running software which is several years old.

My advice, for what it's worth, is to just wait a couple of days until the official package gets updated. If you are that impatient, just use the appimage version.


You didn't pay attention. I said I already used the appimage version. I didn't do it because I was impatient, I did it because I needed the functionality to continue my work. Next time, try to post a response that is more helpful.

That is a link to an AUR package (which is user-contributed) that packages an AppImage of the development version. Those things taken together mean it's not very useful for the repositories.

0.19 is a development version, not a release version, so it won't be included in any repositories.

However, this is why the AUR exists, and why there is an AppImage available from the developers.

No, you said you were able to use a link to an AUR package.

Next time, try not to insult people who are trying to help you.


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