In any case I know it's a bit off topic

I tried also geckolinux distro of Linux, I had two problems with it first I keep on upgrading it getting press r to retry to access its update system for some reason it keep getting failed to download files bug like more than 3 times so you had to keep pressing r key to retry it, also Firefox under it on my USB drives when connected to my router, it keep getting these tabs crashed message on geckolinux, I been trying different versions of Linux, was not very happy with the geckolinux which is based off openSUSE.
I was using GeckoLinux Rolling editions are based on openSUSE Tumbleweed but like a said it was buggier than the normal openSUSE tumbleweed, I can't use its Leap 15.3 version since its missing the USB Wi-Fi drivers that are included in both ubuntu and garuda desktop environments. also, when I closed Firefox on geckolinux and reopen it was still saying tabs crashed error, and if you click the restore tabs option it failed to reopen them, geckolinux tumbleweed seems to have Firefox currently broken on their iso images. was using images based on GeckoLinux_ROLLING_*****.x86_64-999.210526.0.iso, I deleted it already from my windows 11 hard drive so I don't know which desktop environment for it at this time that I had downloaded, sorry,

In any case I know it's a bit off topic, but I wanted to see if you knew what they did to break Firefox on their distro release? or why when geckolinux was installed their update system was failing to download files? keep having to press r key to keep the downloads going it was able to get the files each time after I press the r key on it. but that's a bug too, that in their release of a distro based on openSUSE.

GeckoLinux - Linux for Detail-Oriented Geckos

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below are some of the iso images for it that I had downloaded to test on my USB drives of the non-garuda based desktop environments. for ones like Pantheon and budgie, I don't recall but I don't think they even do the deepin desktop yet.

GeckoLinux_ROLLING_XFCE.x86_64-999.210526.0.iso	2021-05-26	1.6 GB	31
GeckoLinux_ROLLING_XFCE.x86_64-999.210526.0.packages	2021-05-26	247.3 kB	0
GeckoLinux_ROLLING_Plasma.x86_64-999.210526.0.iso	2021-05-26	1.5 GB	95
GeckoLinux_ROLLING-OBS_Pantheon.x86_64-999.210526.0.iso	2021-05-26	1.6 GB	8
GeckoLinux_ROLLING_Mate.x86_64-999.210526.0.iso	2021-05-26	1.7 GB	18
GeckoLinux_ROLLING_LXQt.x86_64-999.210526.0.iso	2021-05-26	1.6 GB	31
GeckoLinux_ROLLING_Plasma.x86_64-999.210526.0.packages	2021-05-26	245.9 kB	0
GeckoLinux_ROLLING-OBS_Pantheon.x86_64-999.210526.0.packages	2021-05-26	266.2 kB	0
GeckoLinux_ROLLING_Mate.x86_64-999.210526.0.packages	2021-05-26	246.8 kB	0
GeckoLinux_ROLLING_LXQt.x86_64-999.210526.0.packages	2021-05-26	238.5 kB	0
GeckoLinux_ROLLING_BareBones.x86_64-999.210526.0.iso	2021-05-26	1.2 GB	8
GeckoLinux_ROLLING_Gnome.x86_64-999.210526.0.iso	2021-05-26	1.6 GB	36
GeckoLinux_ROLLING_BareBones.x86_64-999.210526.0.packages	2021-05-26	195.6 kB	0
GeckoLinux_ROLLING_Gnome.x86_64-999.210526.0.packages	2021-05-26	256.0 kB	0
GeckoLinux_ROLLING_Cinnamon.x86_64-999.210526.0.iso	2021-05-26	1.6 GB	64
GeckoLinux_ROLLING_Cinnamon.x86_64-999.210526.0.packages	2021-05-26	243.7 kB	0
GeckoLinux_ROLLING_Budgie.x86_64-999.210526.0.iso	2021-05-26	1.6 GB	20
GeckoLinux_ROLLING_Budgie.x86_64-999.210526.0.packages	2021-05-26	250.3 kB	

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