Improve translations (basque)

I’m new at Garuda, and I’m using it in my native language, basque. Anyway, I’ve noticed that some translations are quite off and I would like to help inproving them. I searched for it but I didn’t find anywhere to submit translations like you can do in other distributions.
Is there an option anywhere?

Thank you in advance

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Hi @JokinPedre
nice of you that you want to help and


Now, you would first have to clarify where exactly the errors occur.


I didn't specify because I thought there would be a specific place to submit those, and since is kind of difficult to explain to non basque speakers. Anyway, I'll be noting the errors (and things that are not translated) since i don't have them in mind right now, but the one I notice the moment i installed Garuda was in the date format.

In the lock screen it says "2022(e)ko abenduakren 13(a), asteartea". The thing is that in basque you have two ways to give the date, "month-k, day" or "year(e)ko montharen day(a)", and when you give the full date (year month day, weekday) the only option you have is the last one.

For example for today's date, december 13, being "abendu" december, the date would be "Abenduak 13" or "2022ko abenduaren 13a" and optionaly the weekday as it says in the lock screen "2022ko abenduaren 13a, asteartea".

With the year it's okay to show -(e)ko since years that end in 0, 1 or 5 will need eko and the rest only ko. Same thing with the (a), since 11 and 31 don't need that "a", but in this case the month name has both the -k and the -aren, which are not compatible.

The short date format is used for example in the calendar, which is okay to be abenduak 13, but for the lockscreen date it should be "abenduaren" and not "abenduakren", I guess that month names are added with the -k, instead of adding it when it is needed.

So, the year's month have to be:

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That's the problem, is there a locale for Basque?
Google knows Catalan, but not Basque?
Each program can have its own translations files.

Now it would have to be clarified how many of the approximately 1.2 million Catalan speaking people in the world use Garuda Linux :wink:
A lot of effort for few users??

But this is just my opinion, and I have no real idea about the matter :slight_smile:

I don't get why the speaker quantity is important as long as us, natives, are willing to make that effort in order to have our PCs in our native language, especially since we are talking about Linux; that's why I asked for a place to help in that translation :sweat_smile:

As I said, first you have to determine which program provides this data (date).
And in which DE (KDE,GNOME, ...).

Then you look in the git-/lab/hub if there are language files.
E.g. only one possibility.


if not, you create it :smiley:
I think you alone will not manage to translate all the possibilities that exist.

BTW, post your output from

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