Improper shutdown-related problem

So i am new garuda linux user, i freshly installed it today (without any kind of glitch), so all things were going smoothly, i updated everything, installed nvidia drivers,i updated the steam, (i have installed the kde gaming variant of garuda) after updating steam,i started installing csgo, i had deactivated the power saver option....after some 20-30 minutes, my pc became unusable, the csgo installation stopped completely, i can't open any program it showed some input output error, i cant even shutdown my pc from menus, so i did a hard reboot, after reboot i was prompted to grub recovery screen after that i tried typing few commands, but nothing worked it showed some 'could nt find efi file'...... Now again i am freshly installing the garud kde gaming variant, can anyone help me if there is something wrong i am doing..... I really need some help as i am new in linux os'es

Yes, you do not post your garuda-inxi :slight_smile:

So, it’s not Garuda, not KDE related.
Your PC got hot and quit.


Bro, i was at the installation screen when i Posted the speech* from my phone how can i post the inxi from my phone, when my pc is literally unusable, and after the incident of the speech, also after installation which completed just some moments ago! I just started to update the pc.... So how can i use my pc now, if my pc got the heat... Doesn't it overheating now?

If that happen use live ISO, btw there is no snapshot you can restore?

And I am not your bro, @Bro is my bro.



And how to create a live iso, is it the bootable USB i used to install garud, and btw idk anything about snapshot, how to create those..... Anyways its like bruhhhhhh bro from my side not like brother bro!!!!


Automatically by Garuda Linux

Calm down, please.

Start reading the forum and Garuda wiki, it’s all explained.

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So i read all wiki and forum links , and it's really for them who doesn't know what they can do with their pc, i have already taken those so much hard steps told in the wiki and forum links, i thought here i can get in touch with some actuall devs, not admins(not disrespecting you or any other admins)for the issues who can really solve it, honestly garuda have a very complex ui, and i have got a good hold of it in past 3 hours but some stupid level things are going on in this os which crashes the os after 20-30 mins of operation, so any devs help will be really helpful


Seems that only your PC has this problem, or your notebook?
My PC’s and notebooks sometimes run 16 hours without crashing, every day, for years, so I can’t help.
Please follow the template.
Search the log files at the time of crash, good luck troubleshooting.

Thanks for the help man, why would you even care to reply straight from Germany if you don't know about anything about the problem, let devs handle it, they are well suited for it, i came here bcus its a software problem, otherwise if its a hardware issue i wouldn't even care to type the "garuda forum"..... there is not always a hardware issue going on, which you can solve

For the last time, post your garuda-inxi, in the first post, I opened it for you.


I am not your bro. Or your bruhhhhh bro.

You started installing, but…

Then this happened and…

Then you had I/O errors indicating your machine was locked up so you…

OUCH…but… (please confirm your data is intact and error-free)

No! Don’t do it! The Gaming variant is broken for some users and YOU appear to be one, so DON’T use it. Use the “normal” KDE Dr460nized" edition, then add whatever gaming platforms/games you desire.

That is your best solution at this point. IMHO.

And I’m still not your bro. And you should know that using “bro” in this forum, anyway, makes people shudder and the weak ones even vomit. So stop.


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