Imprimane brother dlc2530dw


I'm new to linux!
I have a brother dlc2530dw on a network

it is well found but the driver only exists with debi or rpm

how to do

could explain to me very clearly I'm starting!

it's a shame if it doesn't work I will regret changing my linux version


Are you sure of the name?
Couldn't it be this one?
They are both old, but the CUPS driver could be ok.

yes that's exactly it !! thank you!
but how to install?
Could you explain to me gently I'm starting out

thank you

the cups I do not know what it is? I begin
how to install for it to work ....

back to windows 10 ... I don't want to

From terminal
paru brother-dcp-l2530dw

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thank you I typed your word but the cursor remains stuck at

/ etc / printcap is managed by cups

find "$ pkgdir" -type f -name 'setupPrintcap *' -delete
he remains there ...?

Maybe this is the part when you can review the PKGBUILD.
Try pressing q

  1. Please, post your inxi -Faz
  2. Do not post pictures from terminal output. We can't read anything, and it is not searchable and, if readable, cannot be used for further search.

This comment is completely pointless.


[A BIG THANKS TO YOU FOR ALL THIS and for the speed of your message
I still have another question, she also scans the documents ... will it work or still need to be installed ...?

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what is inxi-faz ... ???

The template you just delete tell you


Post your terminal/konsole in- and output as text (no pictures) from:

inxi -Faz

Without it, you will not receive any help from the Garuda team or your topic is likely to be closed without notice.

Before you open a new help request, read relevant sections of the Arch and Garuda wiki.
Thoroughly search your issue and any error messages in the forum and on the web.

Report everything you have already attempted to solve your problem.


Try! :wink:
Try to see if the scanner works. Search if not.
Try in terminal
inxi -Faz
To see what It Is for :smiley:

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thank you for your help I will look at the documentation to progress slowly

Again thanks to you

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