Impossible connection to the Piped instance with the libre android's app LibreTube

LibreTube is a libre and open-source android application wich provide an access to the Youtube viedo by the Piped API. It’s possible to connect from all Piped referenced server or add a personalized server.

The trouble became when I try to add a connection to the Piped service provide by Garuda.

The connection interface is composed by :

When I configure the app like that, I can’t read any video. It seems that I can connect with my garuda’s element login (like in the website), but I’m not sure that it’s works realy.

Can someone helping me to connecte my garuda’s Piped account to this app ?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

I’ve managed to get something that’s not too bad, but that must not be normal operation. By adding “” as instance and “” as authentication instance, I can play the videos and access my subscriptions and playlists. So I guess I’m not accessing the video from but from[*]. But if anyone can still explain to me how to get normal operation by connecting properly to the Garuda instance interface and the Garuda instance api, I’m game!

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After you add a custom instance you have to go back and select it as the instance you want to use. It is the top choice in the menu.

It’s possible that it’s currently ratelimited again :woozy_face: this actually becomes a major maintenance burden since it requires changing ipv6 (and therefore also the server) quite a lot…

Yes, now that you mention it this instance doesn’t seem to be playing any content at the moment. :thinking:

I have been self-hosting Invidious on my home server for a while now, keeping it selfishly all to myself (:face_with_hand_over_mouth:) because the rate limiting has become insane on the public instances. None of them are reliable anymore, I think because they are just constantly under attack.

It’s kind of like Whoogle now; I love Whoogle, but you kind of need to host it yourself to have a good experience.

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