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If I use Garuda, am I allowed to say "I use Arch BTW"?

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Hmm :thinking: I believe that "I use arch btw" is reserved for people who are able to install archlinux on baremetal following the wiki without using archinstall script. But given you were provided a even more pimped up version of that... :sweat: Though ppl still say "I use arch btw" even if they have taken the shortcut of using archinstall script. So... do as you please.

PS: Would have preffered "I use garuda btw".


Garuda is just arch based, but it is not Arch linux :slight_smile:

A realy importend question :wink:


You aren't "allowed" to say anything because it's not required by anyone. You have your own free will and can say whatever you wish. :wink:

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And depending on where you say it (country, forum) it even remains without consequences. :smiley:

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Indirectly. It is the consequences of what B chose to do (if anything) after having heard what A said (since B ALSO has their own free will). :wink:

In a dictatorship, tell the dictator he’s an idiot,
or in the Arch forum, tell Garuda is Arch.
The consequences of that are pretty much the same. :rofl:


You'll get violence brought upon you? In the second scenario, really, violence? Just avoid Red Star OS. :wink:

At least verbally :smiley:

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I’m willing to bet there are plenty of times you “wish” you hadn’t made that statement. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


You would lose the bet.

I don't bet unless I know I will win, so we BOTH know I'm right.

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You can say anything you want. But “the truth shall set you free.”.

Besides that, it would be obvious.


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