Image Backup Quiestions

Hello all, I am new to Garuda OS, so far I am really liking it. I stopped using Windows altogether because of various reason, most importantly I hate that a lot of Windows software is by design not going to work with the next Windows version forcing you to have to pay money to upgrade. Long story short, I've managed to get setup using Garuda/Arch/XFCE version where I can pretty much do anything I want to do that I could do with Windows.

With the exception of one simple thing.

I was just wondering if there is some open source or free software out there that is easy to use to make an IMAGE backup of your Garuda/BTRFS/Hard drive where you can restore it?

I looked into Clonezilla, that was just too much for me to try and figure out, the last thing you need when trying to make a image backup of your system is one small mistake. Also looked into the spinoff of Clonezilla called "RescueZilla" it failed to work for me.

And just for the record, I was trying to back up Garuda Linux which ofcourse uses BTRFS to a BTRFS Partition.

Right now I am using the Timeshift snapshots but they are on my primary drive. I also installed "BackInTime" to save my home folder to my second drive.

While I get I can add the "HOME" folder to Timeshift and save it to my second drive, I just don't like that option. And if my main drive failed and I had to install a new one I don't know if a fresh reinstall and timeshift restore would work that way?

What I would like to do is make an IMAGE backup of the whole drive and save it to my 2nd drive to where if my Primary drive were to completely fail and I have to buy a new one I could easily restore it.

Is there any software out there that is Free that I could use to do this with?

I could save my Timeshift snapshots to my 2nd drive along with Back in time, but if my primary fails and I have to install a new HD I have no idea how that would work.

I have had hard drive issues where i have lost everything in the past and that's mainly why I am asking.

Image backup for me seems to be the best option if it is available by some means.

Thank you for your time reading all this.

Use rsync for your data or borg.
Timeshift or Snapper for /

Best is, you use MX Linux, I think they have what you want but for a rolling distribution it's pretty pointless, I think.


Clonezilla. If you get stuck trying to use it and have problems, invest some time in working through them.


The sad part is that I wasted my time asking for help and got responses that did not address what
my issue was. If Garuda wants to be a SERIOUS operating system, they need to create and Image backup software option like Linux Mint and so many various others.

Thats is jsut my opinion. One of the MAIN reasons I got away from Windows is because "SYSTEM RESTORE ON WINDOWS", and SADLY timeshift is no different from that. WHY? Because if you restore your system all those old files are STILL there, JUNK FILES left behind and no way to remove them automatically. Image backup is the way to go IN MY OPINION.

Have a nice day!

Gnome Disk Utility $ pacman -S gnome-disk-utility


If your issue is, "I want a disk image tool", the answer is "clonezilla" which does exactly that.

If there is something about it you can't figure out. You should ask a specific question that helps you figure it out.

The same thing will happen to a disk image. If you restore from it, it will put back exactly every you backed up in the first place.


You could try:

So simple a child can use it.


Hence one simple web search.

Garuda doesn't have to create anything, it already exists, you just have to install it.