I'm wondering from Manjaro Country like Bilbo Baggins

Hello and greetings.
I’ve seem to have wandered from yond over in Manjaro Country.

I’m a gamer and whilst angered by RetroArch breaking in Arch I decided to dual boot ■■■■■■■ 10 and Manjaro. ■■■■■■■ will be used for LaunchBox(I’ve tried the Linux alternatives, and I’m not impressed with them) and RetroArch for Retro gaming and Linux will be my daily driver and preferred system for games on Steam.

I’ve downloaded well over 20 different Manjaro ISOs and ran them all in VirtualBox trying to decide what I want. I feel pretty confident that I’ve settled on LXqt as my Desktop Environment and I was quite surprised to realize that you have that for Garuda.

I’m downloading Garuda LXqt Lite and I’ll give it a spin. I’m hoping I’m pleasantly surprised.

EDIT: Windozes is censored. That’s amazing!!!



If you want the complete game package take KDE ultimate. :slight_smile:

windows :smiley: I still have to take care of that "z".