I'm addicted to updating

Not sure if this is allowed, but for about 8 months now I was not able to do an update because my NTFS drive wouldn’t get recognized after update. I would revert back and only update the programs I thought were most important. After dozens of hours of trying to solve the issue switched that drive out for a bigger drive with EXT4.

Now every time i see a command prompt I want to run an update. I just get so happy seeing an update finish with out issues and everything working as expected.

I used to only do an update a couple times a month. Now I’m forcing myself to wait 72 hours before doing an update unless there is a legitimate reason. Any of you all addicted to seeing a update complete? How often do you update?


I’m working on a plasmoid that runs an update check in the background, since I liked something similar on Hyprland. This has only made my issue worse.

You’re not alone.


Garuda (2.6.17-1):
  System install date:     2023-03-07
  Last full system update: 2023-10-18
  Is partially upgraded:   No
  Relevant software:       snapper NetworkManager dracut
  Windows dual boot:       Yes
  Failed units:            
  Total system updates:    440
  --> Updates per week:    13

Beats “Patch Tuesday” don’t you think? Arch and Garuda, and theoretically all Arch-based distributions have daily package updates. She rolls and that keeps applications as well as security updates current . Some folks like to wait a few days between updates to let the dust settle, so to speak, but not me. I’ve never been afraid of daily updates. I’d rather have a glass of water than try to down the whole pitcher all at one go. I’ve grown to love it as much as I love watching packages build. It’s like spinning the wheel on Wheel of Fortune. It’s addicting.

You are on the “leading edge” in Linux. But in truth, by the time @dr460nf1r3 and his ilk get finished with a project, it’s more bleeding edge. :wink:

It is important that you update, though the frequency is up to you. As “dangerous” as it can be online nowadays, I encourage you to establish a pattern so that you ensure frequent security updates. And please, never pick and choose what to update. That creates a partial upgrade condition, which can wreak all sorts of havoc and has the potential to destroy operating systems. :slight_smile:

Have fun in yer new addiction! :rofl:


I too randomly keep checking for an update at least 5-6 times a day. And tbh, it improved my skill of typing the password correctly :sweat_smile:

I’ve been there and had to reinstall, that too with a distorted laptop display so I had to connect it TV via HDMI :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Lol, i had this addiction earlier
Now I only update when number updates on the waybar is shown more than 10, but it daily shows more than 10 so… I update daily :sweat_smile:


I guess I shouldn’t mention my Conky that smooth scrolls all available packages for update 24/7, as well as showing:
12 + 3 new | 0 ignored
as an example. I THINK this keeps me down to once a day most of the time… or at least until there are enough to bother :grin:



“upd” for life.

As a side note, I’ve updated some rarely used systems that have sat for months on end. If they were pure Arch they wouldn’t have survived but garuda-update updated them without any issues.


I sometimes switch on the laptop only to update then idle. Lol isn’t this weird too? Lol Fomo updates :smiling_face:


I used to have this addiction until I got lazy. Now I update around once a week.
Do I need to visit the doctor? :thinking:


If you use (arch based)linux and are not addicted to update and you don’t have a life so you should defenitly visit a doctor who is a linux user.
For people like us who wants to have a life and keeps updating his machine and loves to see Stallman’s lecture should visit a doctor who use windows and if I am rich so I should visit a mac user doctor

But actually I am not so… WINDOWS USER


That would take away the joy & anticipation of wonder for me. :wink:

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