Ideas for upcoming updates

I already walk with some ideas, which can greatly improve the gamer experience and the distro in general

The first thing is to swap the swap for zram (many computers with ssd or without ssd could both enjoy this

The second thing is a graphical application to control which are the directories where it is to do cow and where it is not to do in - cow, (this very beneficial for those who want to use the virtual box or gnome boxes easily

We do this from start

As for the graphical app for the btrfs features

Well may be one of the days when i can code properly


I’m a little noob in terms of decorating things

Guys, if you have ideas to give it to the team, write down there

I do not develop for Garuda. I simply help the guys out around the forum. I will give you my feedback on this type of thread.

I think you must realize no one working on Garuda is a paid developer. The project is put together by Linux enthusiasts in their spare time. I think everyone can agree that if you work or are a full time university student spare time is hard to come by.

Suggestions for neat new
features might sometimes be useful (if the time and effort to implement them is minimal). Any suggestion would also need to fit in with the developers vision for the distro.

I can only say, like everything in life how your suggestion is received depends largely upon how tactfully you phrase it. Many of these type of requests come off more like a demand from users who think developers of the distro are at their beck and call to implement everything they desire.

Be polite in any feature request and perhaps a developer may find the time to implement some suggestions. Please do not have an expectation that just because YOU think a feature should be included that it will.

Suggestions are appreciated, demands are not. Please keep that in mind if making a request.


Thanks, I’ll take that into account if I have any more ideas in the future