Ideapad gaming 3 uk - will xfce offer a better experience (i5CPU)

Hi Thank you for creating this amasing os. Unfortunately I have quite a few fundamental problems.

The installation went quite well but I am not experienced enough to paste my garuda-inxi from the terminal. I am used to left mouse down drag to highlight (which works) and then right click to copy but unfortunately this does not work for me.

As a result I do not expect anyone can help me so I am just posting here to give what feedback I can to perhapse help improve things a little.

My locale is UK GB and the keyboard I chose was English UK (exteded, windows) because this laptop is expected to run M$ Win 10 (it has 102 keys). Apps like FireDragon, Thunderbird and Gedit do not receive the correct codes for @ # " £ etc. but in this window they do ?

The other thing that is holding be back quite a bit is that my eyesight is not as good as when I was much younger and I used the "configure outputs" plugin 'wdisplays' to scale the entire desktop. This works ok but looses persistence occasionally also the in frame feedback of size seems to go in the opposite direction ie. it gets smaller when one increases the DPI scale. One last point on this utility is that if one disables it then the entire display goes blank. I had to roll back to a snapshot to regain control.

I am really sorry if this reads like a moan, it definately is not and I wish you lots of luck and positive gains.

I primarily chose this distro because of timeshift and btrfs and I would like to get away from Ubuntu snap and bloat.

If there is no quick fix for my woes I have Just one question;

I like wayfire however does anyone know if I will have fewer problems with xfce or other non-wayland based desktops ?

Many thanks in advance and if there are some simple fixes then I would be willing to put in some more effort and give additional feedback.

Best regards,

P.S. Just remembered that when the workspace is scaled to 1.3 then the keyboard settings window is positioned to the left and almost entirely out of reach.

We can't fix Hardware/Software faults from your keyboard, sorry.
For Xfce, just use the live ISO if things work, you need.
Live ISO is a little bit slow, but you can have a look



Thank you for the quick response. Do you think that other non-wayland spins may also be better ?

IDK, just wait if somebody else can help. :slight_smile:

I'd suggest trying KDE or GNOME as they are much more mature desktop environments - which means things like display scaling will be more reliable.


OK I tried xfce live and it seemed OK.

Are there instructions on how to install multiple desktops so that I can keep an eye on wayfire, kde and gnome ?

Or is there a script that will handle the task ?

GNOME definitely has built-in display scaling. In the settings it’s locked to 100% or 200%, but there may be a way to tune it a bit more. The GNOME Tweaks app also has more options for font scaling specifically.

I think that the way the Garuda-specific configurations for the different desktops are packaged means that you can’t have more than one installed at a time. That doesn’t mean you can’t have other DE’s or WM’s installed simultaneously, just that I don’t think you can have the Garuda customization for more than one at a time.

However, I might caution against this unless you really want to do some troubleshooting. It’s possible that the configs applied by, say, garuda-dragonized-settings could cause problems with another desktop if installed side-by-side.

Also, as much as I love GNOME and as much as I think it could fit your needs, you may want to hold off for a bit. GNOME 42 just came out, and as with every other major version upgrade to GNOME since the dawn of man, things are going to be broken/wonky for a little while.

As for this, I’m not sure. You can check what locales are set with the locale command, maybe see if there’s any weirdness there or if there’s specific help related to your keyboard?


“In this window they do”–do you mean the browser?

What is the output of localectl status?

The scaling is really easy to manipulate in KDE. You do it right from the GUI settings, no need to install any extensions or crack open a terminal.


Hi @SonarMonkey thank you for taking the time to guide me.

Thanks for the note about GNOME 42, I will give KDE a go next as it looks like not all settings windows under xfce handle desktop scaling correctly.

When I run locale all looks ok but I noticed that the keyboard settings changed through 'Garuda Settings Manager' are not persistent across reboots.

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Hi @BluishHumility, thanks for your response.

By this window I meant the embedded html editor space used to post this reply. In the address/search bar of FireDragon the wrong chars were returned. However having said that right now those keys are wrong here as well. Not at all sure what is resetting the locale settings.

I will give KDE a go next thank you.

Sorry for the long delay in updating this thread but I have tried more than a dozen distros including many garuda spins.

Just to help other visually impaired users I have researched and tried several methods to scale the desktop and have verified that if fractional scaling generates sub pixel output then the display quality is horribly blurred. The answer is to scale by changing the DPI setting up from 96 to 143 in my case.

Many thanks again for this OS.

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