IdeaPad 3 15itl6 Won't boot after fresh install

If I could boot at all, I'd be happy to post the info requested.
New laptop. Removed existing NVME m.2 and installed larger one. I turned off secureboot, the drive is seen in BIOS and I have no problem installing to it.

Wanted to install Dragonized Garuda, which run flawlessly on my 10 year old laptop.

I boot into live session fine, and have no errors or issues when installing. After completion, after removing USB install media, it gets through GRUB, and hangs on what looks like a loading screen. (Dragon background with a smaller dragon in the center of a slowly rotating circle) There's a white progress bar under the rotating circle with the dragon in it that slowly moves for maybe 5 minutes, then just hangs indefinitely. I thought I'd put it out there before I try another distro. I really love the Dragonized version of Garuda and thought it would work without issue on newer hardware.

Hi there, welcome back.
Try to work through this tutorial.
E.g. switch to tty or just ESC.

As regards the inxi -Faz you could do that from the live USB.

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According to the Arch wiki, in a similar model VMD controller has to be disabled in the BIOS.
In my opinion it is worth trying, because the issue seems the same as seen in similar cases (nvme disks seen by the live USB, but not after installation)


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