Idea for a new forum section

How about a ‘New to Garuda’ section?

You could take real noobs questions and the accepted marked solution, and add them to the noob section.
Make the section read only, or at Most moderated so that only mods allow a new comment onto a thread.

My thinking is that all of us noobs must ask the same/similar questions over and over again, and if you were able to point them at an already written answer it would give all of you more time for the complicated questions.

Something along those lines anways.

There is one already:

It’s easy to search and see the solved ones inside it too :male_detective:


Helpers use text modules or use the forums/web search and link to them, that should be enough. Listing it here again only wastes memory and traffic.

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ok, just a thought

General Linux questions are easily answered by <insert your favorite search engine here>

Then there is the Forum, the Garuda Wiki and the Arch Wiki.

But ultimately nothing compares to time in-service and researching & fixing your own foul-ups. I’ve spent the past 25 years doing a lot of the latter. :laughing:



garudas searx ask every time for captcha and dont accept mine and reload haha lol idk why :joy: :upside_down_face: :partying_face: :disguised_face:

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Just Whoogle


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