Icons not supported by adwaita

The icons of the applications of the white sur Not compatible with adwaita
Could you adapt the icons to 1ue be shown in the gnome shell default adwaita?

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Im not quite sure what you mean with this, could you maybe elaborate? :confused:
We dont use WhiteSur as default, Tela-circle is the default

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Sorry, I confuse icons with shell
Is it possible to adapt the garuda icons to the adwaita icons?

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@SGS is our artist :slight_smile:

Was ist adwaita? :wink:

@dr460nf1r3 is our maintainer :smiley: :slight_smile:

Adwaita is the default gnome theme

I am not sure what the problem is.
There are (many) icon missing or in the “wrong” color or size?

One sample if possible.

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Ohhh, I can change this easily. Actually the fix is as easy as changing the icon used in the .desktop file. Didnt know that this was the thing you meant, sorry :slight_smile:

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Apart from this icon there are also some others that is like this

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Please specify which apps miss icons

More details please :smiley:
Inspired by @Omlet

ore details please :smiley:


Optimus manager

Hardware locality istopo
Layout changer
Refletor simple
Suspend hibernate

And that’s all

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Use a icon theme thats complete

Like papirus,tela,flat-remix etc

Adwaita has too few icons.


But as it is the standard of Gnome vanilla so in my opinion you should support

Its not our problem make an issue on adwaita repo

Adwaita lacks those icons


You are right if we would ship Adwaita by default. But we dont, so I guess its fine to keep it this way.
I have changed the icon of the layout switcher.
Also there are applications which let you choose icons for other applications, maybe try it using one of those of you want to keep the icon pack.