Icons assotiated for file types

I'm beginner in Linux and using Garuda Linux XFCE only 1 week. My Garuda theme is Mint-Y-Grey and Oxygen icons.
I don't like some associations of the file types and their icons.
For pdf,iso,docx,jpeg,png,txt,mkv,mp4,avi files, I want to change the default icons to the ones I like. And so that new files will created in the future have new icons.
I ask for help how to do this

Hi, @malax.

For the purpose, you have to manually create your own icon pack.
Just copy and paste and rename the icon folder in user/share/icons and replace the icons with desired ones.

Did you understand, or should I elaborate further?

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My icon theme /usr/share/icons/oxygen/base have 8 folders (8x8, 16x16,22x22,32x32...256x256).
Each one of theme have additional folders inside:
I think need to put my preferred icons in folder called mimetypes and rename my icon
with name associated with file type. But what folder: 8x8, 16x16,22x22,32x32...256x256 ?
I'm not shure if this is correct way

Write a script, update could destroy your work in /usr
maybe Xfce use also your ~/home folder for this???

IDK :wink:


I am like a small child who is just learning to walk. I need the simplest solutions as possible.

This is my first steps in Linux and I don't know how to write scripts and what must to
be inside of this script and how to use it.


We can't teach the basics of Linux.

If you do not like the icons from this theme, use other or fixed it to your liking, one step after the other.

We do not spoon-feed every step, but help, if you really have a problem with Garuda Linux


You have to search and replace icons. For example, for directory icon, simply search "directory". Similarly, for pdf, search pdf. (Search option shortcut is ctrl + f ,btw)

And if there are multiple sizes of same icon like 8x8, 16x16 etc. (unlikely in kinda modern themes, like beautyline, because of .svg format), you have to replace all the occurances with same pixel size png.
Not sure of oxygen, tbh.

Not if you create brand new directory with new name. Take name to be oxygen2, for example. It might not be the best practice, but easiest one in my experience.

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That's about the most effective way, I would guess. Doing it laboriously by hand may impact one's sanity. I know; I've tried it.

Small child, there are free Linux courses available online. Google them, read them, then practice what you have learned. Do it again and again and again.

There. I've given you everything you have asked for. Go forth now, and do.

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