Ibt kernel param no longer needed?

Just a question concerning the IBT kernel param. I know for kernel 5.18 and people with nVidia GPUs that the "ibt=off" kernel param was needed so as to not trigger the security protection.

I'm on the latest Garuda Dragonized edition (ISO date was 3/19/2023) and I noticed at this point, the IBT kernel param is no longer in the grub command line anymore like it was in older versions.

I'm running the latest nVidia proprietary drivers that Garuda installed (525.89.02).

Looking at nVidia's site, it appears the latest beta driver apparently fixes the IBT issue but I wasn't sure. I assume it doesn't hurt to add it regardless, but I was just curious why it's no longer in my boot params.

I haven't had any issues with my PC not booting up with my nVidia GTX-1660 GPU.


Still needed for version 525. However, only if you also have a recent Intel CPU.


Okay. Thanks! I'm running an AMD CPU.

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