I3/Volume Pulseaudio

In the I3 edition, everytime I boot, the volume on my onboard sound is set to 46%, is that some weird default in PulseAudio?
I could dig for it..but since this may affect others, I'm posting and asking.

As software salesman, I would say it's a feature not a bug.
It is a security setting to protect your ears :slight_smile:


Have a look in Garuda Welcome / Control / Audio
Maybe you find this 46% there ( my value are +- 5% = 30-35-40-35-30 :wink: )
In i3 config is no entry for volume.

I never check that value in the past but I will do in feature.


Insanity, my volume is now 100% (and I didn't change anything, other than applying an update (which I do well pretty much all the time)). Ok, if it crops up again, I'll poke around and try to find it. Hard to find when it's behaving though :slight_smile:

Today I start KDE and voila :wink:


Not sure if the welcome app do this or ...? @librewish

It is pulseaudio itself

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But is it configuration of pulseaudio or the code itself?
As I've said before SGS, you make me happy when you duplicate my problems (lol).

I check now on i3, I set to 50% reboot, 50 %
Same on KDE, I boot 4 times, always I get the last value again.

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Yep, that also bears out my chaotic results. Btw, I've only noticed this fluctuation on Garuda and as you may have noticed, I like to keep about 7 distros :slight_smile: This leads me to believe it's configuration of some sort.

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Well I caught it at 46% yesterday in an I3 session, so I set it via garuda welcome and we'll see if it sticks.

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And this morning, I am at 46% again....in I3.
A quick peek around pulseaudio, none of the configs seem to refer to specific volumes. Suggestions?

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It's not i3 or pulse that is causing these issues. It is a problem with latest alsa updates. It ranges from people having no sound to it being reduced to 46% on various hardware / DE's.

Check what version of alsa-ucm-conf you are running. if it is 1.2.4 try downgrading it to 1.2.3, reboot ,and see what happens.


That is good info to have :wink: Hmm, will do so. Thank you. I am assuming that a gatekeeper has prevented that version updating on my other distros.
Hmm, arcolinux has 1.2.4-1 and I spend a lot of time there and don't have any aberrant audio issues. Just FYI, because I don't know what it means and maybe it's just luck.

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Yes it is the same currently in the arch repositories:

I guess you have 2 options. Try updating the system so you have 1.2.4-1 and see if that works if not downgrade.
There is a AUR package that makes downgrading a package easier:
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Once downgrade is installed you can downgrade very simply with pamac, that is if you use Pamac of course. Otherwise, do it through the terminal using pacman.


It looks like today's update to extra/alsa-ucm-conf 1.2.4-2 (38.4 KiB 152.0 KiB) (Installed) solves the issue.

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I was holding out...hoping for a quick resolve. I had the issue this morning before updating, now I will see (yes I've shutdown since then) if I never see 46% on my soundcard volume ever again :slight_smile:


And what do my little eyes behold, but 46% volume (argh throw self over cliff) :slight_smile:

Are you dual booting with Windoze, perhaps your system is suffering from the dreaded Micro$oft Clippy Gremlin infestation. I hate those things. :rofl:

Yes, but I don't believe that's it :slight_smile: it's a new problem and I've been dual booting for umm since Windows 8 I think (on older machines of course).
I wasn't quite sure whether to take you serious or not...though I do believe you're joking :slight_smile:

Ya that's just poking fun at M$, but people who dual boot do tend to have more issues. M$ does actually interfere on a hardware level with Linux. I have dealt with a ton of Network support issues. Windoze does indeed disable networking components as a powersaving measure.TThis often persists into a reboot into Linux, whereupon the network device has vanished in Linux.

Yes I was just kidding around, but in some cases Windoze does actually cause problems in Linux.