I would like to use your theme but for the OS I am running on

Hey guys, so like I am running on EndeavourOS and honestly I can't be bothered to change over to Garuda Linux (as it would require me to do a lot of work), I just want to use the KDE theme.

Can I please have the dot files if possible? Would it all just work or do I need to install addional packages or something?

In before the lock!


Add chaotic AUR to your current installation and install garuda-dr460nized

And Merry Christmas !


@jonathon gave you the link; the files/configs are at GitLab.

And now you want us to install them for you? Really?


If you add the chaotic-aur repos as directed above, you need to select the 'garuda-dr460nized' package which will install all the KDE themes, a font, etc. If you want the Garuda Grub theme, then you need to install 'grub-theme-garuda-dr460nized' package. I think that is all you need for the Garuda look.


Um thats not what I meant, I asked if there was addtional packages I needed to install to get the theme working.

Sure thanks

Merry Chrstimas mate =D

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