I would like to reinstall on ext4 partition

is the installation from actual new garuda linux on ext4 possible (I have tried the recommanded file system but the input halt frequently, no cursor, you have to wait an undeterminated long time before it comes back...)? my version: garuda cinnamon.

Please post garuda-inxi from live ISO.
You are the first with this problem.


It IS possible, but I don't recommend it. I tried it that way a while back, and deleted that build because there are so many interrelated capabilities inherent in Garuda that rely on the presence of btrfs. Easier to fix whatever is wrong, IMHO - there is a LOT of configuring involved the ext4 route...


There are a few folks in the forum who use ext4. The more common setup would be a separate ext4 home partition, and let the system files be.

The problem you are (vaguely) describing does not sound like something caused by your choice of filesystem.

Honestly, from my experience, I don't suggest to do that.
Simply use an external hard drive, copy the /home/ (and probably /root/, /var/www/html or /opt/lamp/htdocs) that's the paths that I save before reinstalling linux, it's always better formatting the whole disk and let the setup do it's job.

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