I want to quit windows

Hello community,

I am French and I use GPT to translate for you.

A long time ago, I used the Crunchbang distribution with Openbox, Tint, Conky… for customization, and as you may know, there is no equivalent with Windows or at least not as good and more resource-consuming.

And today, I would like to get rid of Windows since gaming integrates better with the Linux world now, although I also need Composer, Node, and others for development.

So, can I find all of this natively with Garuda ? I quite like the Dr460nized, but what is it based on ?

PS : I am still not a fan of the command line.




I want to quit windows

you are in the right place

there is no equivalent with Windows or at least not as good and more resource-consuming

I politely disagree on this though, in my experience Windows is more resource consuming (also I think Linux is just as good and even better, but that’s opinion)

Composer, Node, and others for development

Arch Linux - composer 2.6.5-1 (any)
Arch Linux - nodejs 21.2.0-1 (x86_64)
and lots more for development

what is it based on

KDE – or I misunderstood the question?

not a fan of the command line

you will become one and won’t regret it :slight_smile:


There’s some good distros out there where you’ll almost never touch a terminal. Pop OS is where I would suggest starting. They have a vested interest to make sure everything works since they also produce their own hardware and need everything working well.

Or maybe this is your place. There’s lots of great Linux these days finding the one that is your favorite is really up to you. Good luck and get rid of Windows!


With Garuda you can limit the Konsole (Terminal) use to only garuda-update if you chose, but there are CLI and TUI programs that perform better than any of their GUI equivalents. I wasn’t huge on using the command line but now I have no issues going between GUI, TUI, and CLI depending on what I’m doing at the time.


I feel your angst. But you did state, “I want to quit Windows” and you ran #! (me too), so you know there are few substitutions for terminal use. Few good ones that have the same convenience. Garuda does automate much of what you used to do by CLI. I think you will like it very much once you get used to the Garuda way of accomplishing stuff novel and mundane. :smiley:

We’ll try to overlook your nationality. :rofl:


Good morning,

I think the translation was not correct everywhere!

I asked if it was based on Archlinux, Ubuntu,… KDE is a desktop environment, right? there is so much distribution.


Good morning to you, Garuda is based on Arch and not uBLUNDER.


Yep Garuda is Arch based, which means it is a rolling release Distro.
This means you’re up to many small updates instead of huge upgrade sessions yearly or twice a year (e.g. Ubuntu). Another major advantage is for sure you’re getting the latest stable (or if you choose so) unstable versions of almost every program or package and also the latest kernels and with it all the latest features.

Garuda is directly based on Arch Linux and in case of the Dragonized flavor it comes with a whole KDE suite as you can see here via neofetch , my updated Gragonized Garuda:

.%;888:8898898:               ----------------
x;XxXB%89b8:b8%b88:             OS: Garuda Linux
.8Xxd                8X:.          Host: Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. MPG X570 GAMING PLUS (MS-7C37)
.8Xx;                    8x:.        Kernel: 6.6.2-zen1-1-zen
.tt8x          .d            x88;      Uptime: 25 secs
.@8x8;          .db:              xx@;    Packages: 2329 (pacman)
,tSXX°          .bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbB8x@;   Shell: fish
.SXxx            bBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBbSBX8;   DE: Plasma 5.27.9
,888S                                     pd!   WM: KWin
8X88/                                       q    Terminal: konsole
GBB.                                             CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 5800X (16) @ 3.8GHz
x%88        d888@8@X@X@X88X@@XX@@X@8@X.         GPU: AMD ATI Radeon RX 6800/6800 XT / 6900 XT
dxXd    dB8b8b8B8B08bB88b998888b88x.          Memory: 4.65GiB / 62.72GiB
dxx8o                      .@@;.
dx88                   .t@x.

Dragonized is optimized for gaming and heavy load applications such as video editing, 3d rendering and of course gaming. It also includes the most used software packages for this environment. Emulators, Messengers (Discord, Guilded, TeamSpeak, and so on…) which can be installed by just ticking a box in Garuda Assistant. Another neat Program which simplyfies the installation process of all the Dragonized features.

I’m running DaVinci Resolve (NLE) pretty damn good on it. Actually better than on my Win10 Professional (same hardware!) and Resolve is a Windows based Software. I also have no issues with games or even cracks or any type of utility software made for Windows. Gee I even can use the Yoke-Emulator for Flight Simulator 2020, both Windows based Programs and meant to work together on Windows.

Regarding the CLI - well I’m used to it b/c of my past. I even beared with Gentoo Linux as daily driver for years. So, CLI isn’t an issue for me and yet I rarely need it for using my programs or installing them. The Garuda Welcome, Garuda Assistant and of course the Linux Softwaremanager is capable of letting you do all the things without CLI if you may wish. Hence I wouldn’t be too bothered with it.
Get an old/other SSD and try Garuda for yourself (don’t use VirtualBox or other Virtualization to try Garuda b/c of its HW optimizations running it in a virtual environment can make you headaches and additionally Garuda can’t show you its true performance). I tried it and it was a stupid idea xD

All the best,



Based on Arch, like Ubuntu is based on Debian.


I want to quit Windows too, but there’s things keeping me there.

1 - I don’t hate Windows enough to commit to a change
2 - Nvidia’s Instant Replay, I don’t know if it works on Linux
3 - I don’t know if all games I like to play work well on Linux.

You’ve just described a fence-straddler.

  1. Too complacent
  2. Too picky.
  3. Too whiny.

They’ll never be one of us because they’re afraid of freedom. :wink:


What, if you think I’m afraid of freedom, I have 4 computers, 3 of which run a flavour of Linux… one of which is Garuda.

I’m perfectly okay with potentially making the jump. Those are just the reasons I haven’t yet. And yes, I like using Instant Replay, helps me out quite a lot. So unless you can help me find an alternative to that, then I’ll assume that Linux isn’t good for my main PC.

I did not personally address you. Are you a fence-straddler? Are you afraid of freedom? You only described someone who is, didn’t you? :smiley:

Windows-only is one thing.
Linux-only, another.
Dual-booting anything is a separate matter entirely. Some do it because they must. Others because they choose to.

Sorry, you replied to me, so I thought you meant me, x3

I am technically a fence-straddler, but I also do use Linux when I can.

I am not afraid of freedom, but I do have applications I use frequently that I don’t know if they have Linux compatibility or Linux alternatives.


I’m just having fun. I gotta 'nother 1 TB SSD, so now I got 2. I’m running Arch-only at the moment but I’m getting ready to setup a Windows/Linux dual-boot just for shitz ‘n’ giggles. I’ve never had 2 physically separate drives to do so before.

Freedom to run Linux, also implies the freedom to run Windows, MacOS, or a 10k foot race. :wink:


It looks like something is there, I never used any of them and I don’t even have an nvidia so I can’t say for sure.


GitHub - matanui159/ReplaySorcery: An open-source, instant-replay solution for Linux

GitHub - MAPReiff/ShadowRePlay-Linux: Shadowplay's Replay Feature On Linux For Nvidia, AMD and Intel


Yeah, I’m sorry I took it a bit personal.

In the past, especially on YouTube, I had many Linux people berate me for the dumbest thing, and so I’ve had a bad taste when it comes to interacting with Linux communities.

I work in Networking, firewall administration mostly, but switching, routing, wifi, VOIP, so I’m no stranger to any form of CLI and the likes. My laptop is Garuda Linux, I won’t dare let my Steam Deck know what Windows is, and I have a server running Unraid with 4 VMs of Ubuntu Linux and a Windows Server VM because I’m equally testing something for work and it runs some game servers.

I actually like MacOS also. I like all operating systems. They’re fun and unique in their own rights.

I might make 2024 my “year of Linux” then. See if I can go a whole year using it, x3


As far as I know replay-sorcery might be serving that purpose. Haven’t tried it yet personally though.


I’m either gruff or not, depending on time of day and medication-level. There’s no getting around being an old farker, though. I got my real intro to Linux by people who didn’t have much time for my little woes–they ran Slackware. So that’s what my original mentor ran (of course), and he made me do so. When I broke free from his grasp, there were some cool distros like Mandrake & Connectiva (yeah, you can guess what happened to them), and whole other worlds to explore.

I’ve only ever run Linux as a desktop, Arch for the past 10-12 years. My server-running friends all use Debian, and I feel so sorry for them. debian==boring :wink:


I just simply pulled the plug on windows as soon as I found out Garuda worked so well. I decided that if I lose some windows functionality over Linux then it might as well stay lost. My freedom on my device that I paid for is more important than whatever functionality M$ decides to give or take away.