I #$#[email protected] up my cpupower frequency set

I have a laptop and i was figuring out my garuda to work for laptop as i was getting cpu spikes
there was an option that said change cpu frequency
i have an intel i3-7100u and i set my min freq to 2.4 and max to 2.4 as well
ever since i did that my laptop / garuda started to work slow and laggy
i think i fscked up the min/max frequencies
is there a way i can reset these changes
i used cpupower to do these


also my cpu usage goes 90% or more when i do anything now

Maybe this could help
Since the configuration is in /etc/default/ if you don't know the default values, I think you could simply reinstall cpupower and that file should be overwritten.


You can set it the way you set the wrong values.

Post your terminal/konsole in- and output as text (no pictures) from:


the thing is i dont know my right values i have searched all over the web and i cant find it

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@Tsuki,l if you would follow this instruction, as requested (or inxi -Faz ), you would see the maximum and minimum clock speeds your CPU is capable of rendering.

IF you would do as the template or moderator requested.