I think need some to garuda gamer

Like garuda gamer need some games i would like to merge games with you all

-- Regards Epic V small garuda devloper

You're not a "small garuda developer" so please don't claim as such.


You can add your games to the AUR.


Make a mr to Garuda gamer in gitlab


Source code is here: Garuda Linux / Applications / Garuda Gamer · GitLab

You can create issues or pull the code and make a MR yourself, if you are a developer and want to contribute.

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Seriously but I think you are also not devloper

By the way what is Mr and please Garuda devloper team i am not devloper but I think Garuda linux gamer edition must be have some pre-installed games my idea is that your OS and my company can make Garuda linux gamer more better :handshake:

MR in Gitlab is the equivalent of a PR in GitHub. Merge request == pull request. It's a way for you to make some code changes and then request that they be combined with the existing code base for others to pull from.

Ok khaneliman thanks for explaining

What do you think about my idea

I think I dont maintain that repo and you need to create an issue or submit a MR for the maintainers to comment on it.

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I'm not a Garuda developer, and neither are you although you claimed to be lol. That's all I was saying.


So your intention is to monetize garuda linux?



I can't make sense of all your posts.
You're just kicking up dust, this area is for showing your own art work.

Besides, we refuse any cooperation with commercial companies.
Those who want to add or remove games from Garuda Gamer do it independently, that's what it was designed for.

I will now close this off-topic thread.