I suppose I ought to

Introduce myself.

Hi sorry I haven't already said hello to the community. I'm a tinkerer and therefore I didn't know if I would find myself staying. Didn't want to waste anyone's time. I'm a Linux newbie. I've dipped my toes a lot but I didn't start daily driving until I found Garuda.

I've tried several distros, Ubuntu, Mint, Fedora, even ran a Gentoo system (didn't do that well lol.) Garuda just brings the best of it all together IMO.

As you know I'm a tinkerer and a technician by hobby. I just and I mean just started taking my hobby serious and am starting down the road of computer science.

My greatest exploit so far was editing the ISO for Windows 10 and 11 to bypass the need to enter a product key at installation. (It's actually legal for technical support doesn't crack the software).

I like exploring software tools for network security and anonymity. I've already run Whonix in a VirtualBox and used Tor to access the www right here on Garuda (btw if anyone has the ability to send me a riseup email invite that would be cool) and that's another thing! Garuda is fast and smooth! I have a dual core processor with 8gb of RAM and it handles that kind of workload fine. It handles OBS studio with 1080p 60fps output on here too. Some basic video editing and processing is just fine on here too.

The other thing and probably right at the top of why I choose to stick with Garuda is the graphic art. It looks great!

Well I guess that's about it for an introduction. Hopefully after while I can be of some help around here but for a while I'll probably just be noobing it up and asking questions here and there when I get stuck. Thanks for having me.



Welcome to the forum.

It is a nice cute story of yours, well Gentoo can be challenging I've got my lesson from it but I love it still.
Based on your description I'd guess you've got yourself the Garuda Gamer (dr460nized) edition?
It is the version of Garuda I use and love and turned out to be my daily driver of choice since March this year. :smiley:

I wish you a lot of fun here and with Linux in general, if you're a tinkerer then I guess you'll never run out of possibilities for tinkering in Linux :smiley:

best Greetz and welcome o/


Hi thanks for the welcome. I ran the dr460n1zed edition when I first installed Garuda but I’ve found my home on LxQt. I don’t game much anymore :cry:

Gentoo was a lot of fun but I was too ignorant to get beyond the terminal lol. I also was on the struggle bus manually managing packages and dependencies. Really cool to get a chance to peak under the hood and tinker with the Kernel though and I really felt like Neo every time I ran a command lol :joy:


I feel that :smiley:

I did but in the end it is too much work to use it as a daily. You can easily spend hours for trying out something or just trouble shoot. Having circular dependencies can be a big pain in the a$$. Otoh if I combine Gentoo with BTRFS assistant? :thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Nah, I'm fine with Garuda :smiley: and I didn't got any true performance advantages due to compiling my own stuff. Sure maybe in some synthetic benchmarks but for daily tasks, even 3D rendering, I didn't see any significant benefit.

I don't game as much but when I do, Garuda never failed on me. :slight_smile:


:joy: LOL I feel that!



All I know from Gentoo is the Logo :grin:
In my opinion, that is enough. :rofl:


Thank you for the welcome and thank you twice more for this awesome avatar!



I'm glad you like it. :eagle: :slight_smile:


Hi and welcome to the forum.

Yes, tinkering on Linux is great fun. So many things to explore and try out. I love going down linux rabbitholes (most of the time). I find windows rabbitholes just end in anger, frustration, and alcohol to numb the pain.


Thanks for the welcome! I found that the Windows rabbit hole leads to Linux :laughing::laughing::laughing:
But not before you reformat half a thousand times. :wink:


Hear, hear. I got fed up with all the blue screen errors at some point, and decided to run Windows exclusively as VMs from then on out. Welcome!


Welcome! :wave:
From Gentoo to GenXI on Garuda :OOO

ok I will see myself out LOL


I use to run Windows inside a VM on a fresh install of Windows so the system would last longer. :laughing: