I successfully migrate from Manjaro Deepin to Garuda without reinstall

Greetings for all!

I am new there. Sorry for my bad english.

Recently I meet Garuda. In my opinion it is the best direvative from Arch Linux. Thanks for developers and mantainers!

I installed Garuda dr460nized on my wife's PC, and I installed Garuda bspwm on my office PC. But, in my home I haved old installation of Manjaro Deepin Linux. And one day I wanted to switch to linux-zen kernel I learned a terrible secret: Manjaro devs use their own repository based on Arch, BUT the packet names and the packet versions are the same!! But the content is different! What a dissapointment. And these repositories are very limited, they do not have linux-zen.

I didn't want to reinstall the whole system from scratch. So many programs on it's own place. So I decided to migrate to Garuda step-by-step.

It wasn't just! And I do not recommend this path to anyone. I started by deleting everything related to deepin, then to manjaro, then install chaotic-keyring and chaoric-aur, then install minimal base of garuda related packages. Such as garuda-{hooks,update} grub-theme-garuda linux-zen{,-headers} mhwd-garuda-git ananicy-cpp and others (sure it's not all details) It helped me a lot to have two other systems with Garuda on board. By tries and errors, I brought the system into a consistent state. It took about 4 hours with my slow internet (~200KiB) Much less if I reinstall everything from scratch and reconfigure. Ofc I didn't get BTRFS and snapper, but everything else is good!

I don't know why I wrote this opus. Just wanted to share that this is possible if you have the minimal skills and patience.

Nevertheless, I advise you to install the original builds of Garuda Linux. This is how you get support! Thank you. Love you.

                  __,,,,,,,_                         [email protected]
            _โ•“โ•—โ•ฃโ•ซโ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ••โ•—โ•—โ”_                  --------------------
         โ•ฅโ•ขโ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ•ฅ,               OS: Garuda Linux x86_64
       โ•—โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ•โ•œโ•œโ•œโ•œโ•โ•ขโ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ”             Kernel: 6.0.9-zen1-1-zen
      โ•ฃโ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ•ขโ•ฃโ•ขโ•—โ•• , `"โ•˜โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ•”โ•ฅ_          Uptime: 2 hours, 48 mins
    โ•’โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ••โ•™โ•ฅโ•ฅโ•œ   `"โ•œโ• โ•ฌโ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ•ฅ,       Packages: 1623 (pacman)
    โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ•—โ•ฅโ•ฅโ•ฅโ•ฅโ•—โ•—โ•ฌโ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ•โ•™โ• โ• โ•ฃโ• โ• โ• โ• โ•ขโ”     Shell: zsh 5.9
   โ•ฃโ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ•ฅโ•ฌโ•ฃโ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ•—    Resolution: 1720x1440, 1720x1440
  โ•’โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ•—   WM: LG3D
  โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ•    Theme: Sweet-Dark [GTK2/3]
  โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ•ฌ     ```"โ•œโ•โ•ขโ• โ• โ•ก   Icons: BeautyLine [GTK2/3]
 โ•’โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ•ฃ,         โ•˜โ• โ•ช    Terminal: tmux
 โ•žโ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ•ขโ”        โ•œ     CPU: Intel i7-6700 (8) @ 4.000GHz
 `โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ•—             GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
 ,โ•ฌโ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• "โ••            Memory: 4884MiB / 15936MiB
 โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ•—
 โ•^โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ•โ•ฃโ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ•ก
  โ•”โ•œ`โ•žโ”˜โ•ขโ•›โ•œ โ•กโ•ขโ• "โ•šโ• โ• โ•œโ•โ”Œโ•žโ•ž"โ•ขโ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ• โ•ฃโ•ฉโ•ขโ•ช
     โ•œโ•’"   `โ•œ    `      โ•œโ•™โ••  โ””โ•ฃโ• โ• โ• โ• โ•• โ•žโ•™โ•–
                                โ• โ• โ• 

Then please don't write a "how I did it" for a desktop environment unsupported by Garuda.


In my opinion, sharing experiences is always good. it can both warn the inexperienced and help the experienced users. don't you think so?


By the way, where did the assembly with the bspwm go? I downloaded this image earlier (garuda-bspwm-linux-zen-210507)

Manjaro to Garuda sounds difficult. Well, congrats :slight_smile: I did winesapOS to Arch Linux and faced problems with that, I'd expect your migration to be much harder.
There comes the real question: Will you face issues because of this in the future??


Time will tell my friend, I will definitely share the result!

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In fact, I migrated because I experienced more problems with manjaro. I'm not a beginner and I know how distributions are built. I hope I did everything right. :crossed_fingers:

welcome to the garuda community!

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Thanks! Everything looks good. Has been updated twice without any problems.

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